About City Arts

Mission & History


The mission of City Arts is to create and promote high quality community art that enriches and enlivens neighborhoods. City Arts accomplishes its mission by engaging residents in conceiving artworks that reflect neighborhood history and culture; teaching and mentoring talented student artists through paid apprenticeships; and offering community art appreciation and education programs for people of all ages.


The goals of City Arts are to give underprivileged young people the opportunity to experience a structured, professional, hands-on art making process in order to broaden their visions of career and leisure-time possibilities; steward at-risk youth toward interpersonal and team skills needed to function as productive members of society; and serve as a catalyst for community pride and neighborhood revitalization.


City Arts was founded in 1997 by award-winning muralist G. Byron Peck in order to continue the work he had begun under the auspices of DC Artworks, a nonprofit arts organization that supervised the District Mayor's Summer Youth Program for the arts in conjunction with the Department of Employment Services. In 1996, DC Artworks closed its doors and City Arts was established to continue serving the District's young people.